Don’t Break Your Brand By Colleen Frease

Don’t Break Your Brand Simon and Susie Q were having sex in the janitor’s closet last night. Okay, not really, but what if someone told you they did? And what if you decided to comment or share it with someone else? This news that these two-people hooked up is just so wild you must share […]

How Harness Digital Marketing Saved Christmas

Twas weeks before Christmas and frustrations did grow. All because business was running much to slow.   Small business owners had gifts and services to sell. But they did not know how to advertise well. They needed a new marketing plan and needed it quick. Little did they know, their problems could be solved with […]

GoDaddy Extortion [Digital Mafia]

When you recall a father figure, I hope that it does not elicit memories of you handing over cash just to maintain some sanity at the dinner table. If it does, you may have been a victim of the GoDaddy Extortion scheme! Mafia Laying the Groundwork So, you have made the commitment to start a […]