About Matt Carnaghi

I am the Director of Business Development for Harness Digital Marketing. Previously I have had years of experience working with businesses in the financial industry. I have a strong desire to help promote and grow small local businesses. I participate in multiple civic organizations to support my local community as much as I can. As a hobby I enjoy all aspects of the fitness industry. I also, enjoy coming up with ideas for patent-ability to make things more efficient and effective for society.


  1. Great Tips! Starting a business is not such a big deal. But managing the process for a long time is the primary challenge for every small business or startup. so Promotion is the important part. If you want to grow your business. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  2. Digital Marketing has grown gigantically because nowadays social media has all the power to influence. So, as a brand, I think that you should go for Social Media to make a strong brand image and influence your consumers digitally.

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