Snapchat – Gateway Drug To Doing Video

Snapchat – The Video Gateway Drug To Get You To Do More Video Content It is quite evident that EVERYONE is addicted to social media. One of the most addictive social media platforms is Snapchat. One of the key successes to it is that it allows you to create 10 second videos that disappear after […]

Don’t Break Your Brand By Colleen Frease

Don’t Break Your Brand Simon and Susie Q were having sex in the janitor’s closet last night. Okay, not really, but what if someone told you they did? And what if you decided to comment or share it with someone else? This news that these two-people hooked up is just so wild you must share […]

Facebook F8 Conference – What’s New

Facebook F8 Conference – What’s New The Facebook F8 conference has officially kicked off. With Mark Zuckerberg’s recent testimony to Congress, I (like most Americans) have been waiting to see what changes were going to take place. As a digital marketer, we deal with updates constantly, but none that could have such an impact on […]