The Commodity of Trust

The True Weight of Trust

The phrase “commodity of trust” may cause some confusion to some individuals. A commodity is something to be traded, and trust is something to be earned. I hope that the picture is beginning to become clear on how these two things are intertwined.

Now, lets imagine that trust is a tangible commodity that can be freely traded. The first thing that we need to take into consideration is the demand on our commodity. Let’s not let political correctness get in the way of this discussion. We all know that there is not much trust to be had in the corporate business world. So, if trust is something that you are looking to trade then you have a distinct advantage on the market. Now that there is a valuable product on the market, it is time to see how you can take advantage of trading the commodity of trust.

Taking Advantage of the Open Market

Owning the commodity of trust is valuable, but it is not everything. It is important to identify the buyers in your market. Are they an executive, an employee, a coworker, a business associate, a community leader, or a politician? All of these individuals will see value in trading for your trust.

Finding a place for the commodity of trust is quite easy with such a gap in the market. The world of business and politics is full of deceit and mistrust.

Have you ever experienced a colleague going behind your back? Have you provided confidential information to a coworker only to have them spread that information around like high school gossip? Is there an experience in your past where you have had a new or innovative idea, only to have that information passed up the ladder without you receiving credit for your work?

I am confident that it does not take long for someone to answer yes to one of the comments above. It just goes to confirm that your commodity of trust will provide you great value and leverage. Don’t be the cheat, don’t be the scoundrel, and refrain from untrue manipulation.

Stand out and be noble. Build your reputation, and over time the dividends of your trades will be tremendous!

Matt Carnaghi | Twitter: @carnaghimd1 | Instagram: @carnaghimd1 | LinkedIn: Matt Carnaghi

About Matt Carnaghi

I am the Director of Business Development for Harness Digital Marketing. Previously I have had years of experience working with businesses in the financial industry. I have a strong desire to help promote and grow small local businesses. I participate in multiple civic organizations to support my local community as much as I can. As a hobby I enjoy all aspects of the fitness industry. I also, enjoy coming up with ideas for patent-ability to make things more efficient and effective for society.

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