GoDaddy Extortion [Digital Mafia]

When you recall a father figure, I hope that it does not elicit memories of you handing over cash just to maintain some sanity at the dinner table. If it does, you may have been a victim of the GoDaddy Extortion scheme! Mafia Laying the Groundwork So, you have made the commitment to start a […]

Hiding Social Media Reviews [Bad for Business]

Sometimes a business does not have confidence in their service and resorts to hiding poor social media reviews. This is not only a red flag for current customers, but it is a sure way to amass poor reviews from future patrons as well. Review Thief Social media reviews are one of the primary resources for […]

Harness Digital Marketing Testimonial – Saluki Screen Repair

Harness Digital Marketing Testimonial Pryor Jordan of Saluki Screen Repair discusses how Harness Digital Marketing helped grow his business in a college town. Pryor Jordan offers screen repairs for various Apple, Samsung, and Android phones. Saluki Screen Repair is located in Carbondale, Illinois near the Southern Illinois University campus. Most smartphone screen repairs take less than an […]

Storytelling vs Call To Action Commercials For Small Businesses

STORYTELLING VS CALL TO ACTION COMMERCIALS If you had the opportunity to watch some commercials lately, you probably have seen two different types of commercials. One that tells a story or one that is asking you to buy something (Call To Action). As a business owner you should be aware of how video can benefit your […]