Hiding Social Media Reviews [Bad for Business]

Sometimes a business does not have confidence in their service and resorts to hiding poor social media reviews. This is not only a red flag for current customers, but it is a sure way to amass poor reviews from future patrons as well. Review Thief Social media reviews are one of the primary resources for […]

Give Me Your Password!

Some of you may or may not know that on January 1st a law went into effect in the state of Illinois requiring students to hand over their passwords to their social media pages if asked. It also gave cyberbullying the same amount of weight as physical bullying. According to a study done in the […]

I Hate Your Business, So What?

We all have them – those mean, nasty customers that are hard to please. Some of them even seem like they do everything they can to make sure you don’t please them. So what happens when that customer makes their way online to review your business? What do you do when that “one-star” review pops up […]