Hiding Social Media Reviews [Bad for Business]

cat hiding social media reviewsSometimes a business does not have confidence in their service and resorts to hiding poor social media reviews. This is not only a red flag for current customers, but it is a sure way to amass poor reviews from future patrons as well.

Review Thief

Social media reviews are one of the primary resources for consumers looking for a new business or service. So, many business are going out of their way to manipulate the public. They are becoming raiders in the night hiding amid the shadows stealing reviews off of every social media platform out there.

With reckless abandon they rip, pull, and dislodge comments and concerns about their business. Leaving behind a pristine combination of lies that does not truly tell consumers about what they should expect from the business.

Review Scaredy Cat

Reviews are nothing to be scared of. Even poor reviews offer up the opportunity for a truly good business to shine. Come out of hiding for just a moment and let me explain.

Customer service is something that is extremely important to all businesses. Showing that level of service to potential customers is just as important.

Let’s just face the facts. If your business is online, then you are going to have a poor social media review. Once you have a review that is less than 5 stars, then you can truly show your level of customer service. You will now have the ability to show that you are attentive and understanding. Your business can publicly express empathy, compassion, and understanding.

So, don’t be that coward that runs and hides when you don’t like something. Face that comment! Embrace the review and turn it into something positive for your business.

Maintain Review Confidence

As in most things in life, a little confidence will go a long way. If you believe in your business, and you provide good quality service then you have nothing to fear. There will be many times when loyal patrons will voice their opinion before you are able to address an unfounded comment.

There is no possible way to make every single customer you run across happy. But if you believe in the service you provide, poor comments will not be able to damage your business. Consumers are too smart. So, if you remain confident, they will simply see through the 1% of those that had a bad day and decided to comment on your page.

Face all of your social media reviews and the good ones will find you!

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