Harness Digital Marketing – So Why The Name Change?

This coming October marks 2 years that Harness TechED (NOW Harness Digital Marketing) has been working with businesses on digital marketing. I have been blessed with a phenomenal team, great business partnerships, and an incredibly supportive family (Love you Beth and Snuggle Bunny). So, why the name change? When I originally started out, I did […]

Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business …Video

Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business …Video by Tom Harness of Harness Digital Marketing Extra Help – Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business…Video from Harness Digital Marketing on Vimeo. Tom Harness | @iTomHarness | www.harnessdigitalmarketing.com | 314-884-1192

Harness Digital Marketing Testimonial – Saluki Screen Repair

Harness Digital Marketing Testimonial Pryor Jordan of Saluki Screen Repair discusses how Harness Digital Marketing helped grow his business in a college town. Pryor Jordan offers screen repairs for various Apple, Samsung, and Android phones. Saluki Screen Repair is located in Carbondale, Illinois near the Southern Illinois University campus. Most smartphone screen repairs take less than an […]

Beware the Corporate Gatekeeper – Matt Carnaghi

Beware the gatekeeper is a common theme in business to business sales. Everywhere you look, there is a new list or method, such as “The 7 Strategies For Getting Past Gatekeepers“, or “10 tips for getting past the gatekeeper“, etc. Beware all of these all in one methods of circumventing the gatekeeper. Do these sound […]