Score a Social Media Touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday

Last year, 111.9 million people tuned in for the Super Bowl, an event ingrained into our American culture and tradition. Some die-hard fans watched to cheer on their team. Some were less interested in the sport and more interested in the halftime entertainment. Others just came for the food. While the Super Bowl is a […]

What’s Everyone Talking About? How Your Business Can Join The Conversation

Is your business capitalizing on the conversation? Super Bowl power outage. Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West Feud. Phelps Face. Whether you know what I’m talking about or not, there were still thousands of people talking about each of them. Where, you may ask? In the one public forum that anyone can attend and join in […]

Hashtivism – Using Hashtags for Activism

  #MizzouHungerStrike. #ConcernedStudent1950. #BlackLivesMatter. #ShoutYourAbortion. I’m sure you’ve all heard or seen one of these hashtags, whether it was in August during the Ferguson unrest, or it was yesterday referring to the hunger strike that went on at the University of Missouri campus. Many people think that in order to be considered an “activist,” you […]

Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business …Video

Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business …Video by Tom Harness of Harness Digital Marketing Extra Help – Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business…Video from Harness Digital Marketing on Vimeo. Tom Harness | @iTomHarness | | 314-884-1192