3 Technologies That Are Changing Real Estate

It used to be simple selling real estate (figuratively speaking). You get a listing, you put up a sign, place an ad in the paper, and then go around town networking. EASY, RIGHT? My friends in real estate might disagree, but one thing we can agree on is that technology has changed how they do […]

Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business …Video

Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business …Video by Tom Harness of Harness Digital Marketing Extra Help – Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business…Video from Harness Digital Marketing on Vimeo. Tom Harness | @iTomHarness | www.harnessdigitalmarketing.com | 314-884-1192

Lessons From the Most Shared Viral Video Ads of 2013

Unruly Media tracks and ranks the videos that are most shared on social media, and I spent some time today taking a look at their list for 2013. Beyond the fact that lists like this are interesting, I wanted to see what these videos contained that made them shareable. While small businesses probably wouldn’t make the […]