How Harness Digital Marketing Saved Christmas

Twas weeks before Christmas and frustrations did grow.

All because business was running much to slow.


Small business owners had gifts and services to sell.

But they did not know how to advertise well.

They needed a new marketing plan and needed it quick.

Little did they know, their problems could be solved with one simple click.


Harness Digital Marketing! Were they up to the task?

It’s worth a shot, so they called them to ask!

Their services were great and the prices were fair.

Social media accounts, they did handled with care.


After signing a contract, they watched their business grow.

The content was great with numbers to show.


The HDM team jumped with great joy.

A new client for them is better than any old toy.


No matter what you do, we are the business for you

So give us a call at 314-884-1192.


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Matt Carnaghi | Twitter: @carnaghimd1 | Instagram: @carnaghimd1 | LinkedIn: Matt Carnaghi

Ana Perez | Facebook: Ana Perez | Twitter @AnaPaulina8535 | LinkedIn: Ana Perez |


  1. Very cute and creative!

  2. Before I read this article I didn’t know much about Social Media Marketing. However, I think from this article I got significantly more new things about that. Much obliged to you for offering this article to us.

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