Facebook’s Reactions

One of the biggest complaints Facebook has had since its inception more than 11 years ago is the dreaded like button. When your friend said her dog just died, you want to show support, but do you really want to “like” it? “Yeah, I saw you had to put down your dog. I liked it […]

I Want To Like My Business, But…

It’s something we repeat over and over – LIKE AND SHARE YOUR BUSINESS’S POSTS! Easy, right? You get on Facebook, head to your site, and suddenly you’re liking and sharing AS the business instead of yourself! What? Don’t fret, we can help. 1. SEARCH your business. Yes, that drop down menu is nice, but it […]

Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business …Video

Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business …Video by Tom Harness of Harness Digital Marketing Extra Help – Bang! Bang! How To Shoot Your Business…Video from Harness Digital Marketing on Vimeo. Tom Harness | @iTomHarness | www.harnessdigitalmarketing.com | 314-884-1192

That New Fangled Twitter Thing

OK, so Twitter is not exactly new, but it is for the advertising world. As businesses move to social media, they are starting to dip their toes into Twitter. So what exactly is Twitter? Why does your business need to be on it? There is one major thing that I hear when I talk about […]