Poking The Pokemon Go Phenomenon

Poking The Pokemon Go Phenomenon Are you an Antagonist, a Comedian, or a Sidekick on Social Media Comments? Recently I did one of my social media experiments on Facebook that dealt with the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Let me first preface that I do these experiments to prove a point and to gather information on how facebook’s […]

I Want To Like My Business, But…

It’s something we repeat over and over – LIKE AND SHARE YOUR BUSINESS’S POSTS! Easy, right? You get on Facebook, head to your site, and suddenly you’re liking and sharing AS the business instead of yourself! What? Don’t fret, we can help. 1. SEARCH your business. Yes, that drop down menu is nice, but it […]

Patience Is Social Media

Are you new to your social media feeds and still don’t have over 100 followers? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Social media isn’t an overnight thing. In fact, unless you already have a well-known business, a big time name supporting you, or can get Kanye West to follow you on Twitter, you won’t reach instant […]

Shut Your Facebook!

It is the quintessential social media site, and almost every business owner has one (though every business should have one), but are you using yours correctly? At what point is it time to cut off your Facebook ties and hand it over to someone else? Try this quiz to see. Do you have a business page […]