Do You See Me Now: My Review of Snapchat Spectacles

                  Snapchat Spectacles are the latest in clothing and wearable technology to hit the market. I had my first experience with Snapchat Spectacles at #MDMC17 in St. Louis with the Harness Digital Marketing Team. One of the presenters, Chris Strub, was a presenter and it just so happened […]

Poking The Pokemon Go Phenomenon

Poking The Pokemon Go Phenomenon Are you an Antagonist, a Comedian, or a Sidekick on Social Media Comments? Recently I did one of my social media experiments on Facebook that dealt with the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Let me first preface that I do these experiments to prove a point and to gather information on how facebook’s […]

Bithub Debuts at the Hospice of Southern Illinois Gala

Bithub and Harness Digital Marketing Bring Social Media Hubs To Events How many events do you attend? If you live in Southern Illinois, you could attend up to 2 major events each month. Events such as the John A Logan Hunting and Fishing Days, Concerts Sponsored by Black Diamond Harley Davidson, Fundraisers, or one of […]