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Snapchat Spectacles are the latest in clothing and wearable technology to hit the market. I had my first experience with Snapchat Spectacles at #MDMC17 in St. Louis with the Harness Digital Marketing Team. One of the presenters, Chris Strub, was a presenter and it just so happened that one of my team members, Eleni Hampton, won one of his books. There was a catch…She had to say she loved the Chicago Cubs. I do have video, but I prefer to not make the work environment hostile. iSmile

Chris was nice enough to let me check them out and try them. They were not typically my style, but they were comfortable and easy to use. I’ve been reading Chris’s book 50 States, 100 Days and tweeting each state on Twitter and Instagram. It’s a great book, easy to read, and chronicles his experiences at Non-Profits in all 50 states. You definitely should Check It Out.

The Setup

Honestly, this was one of the easiest setups I have ever done. Once the glasses were pulled out of their cylinder packaging and charged, it was as simple as opening the app, using the glasses to look at the code, and I was off and snapping.

They operate with a push button on the upper left hand side of the glasses. You press ONCE for 10 seconds and when it begins flashing, you have the option to press the button one more time to add 10 more seconds (20 seconds total). Once the video is completed, it syncs and uploads (via Bluetooth) to your Snapchat app. You will see a category that says SPECS. Here you can edit, add filters, and save your updated changes. It even auto records your very first experience with the Snapchat Spectacles (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Best Uses For Snapchat Spectacles

Technology devices can typically be gimmicky or a novelty at best. The Snapchat Spectacles are great for avid Snapchatters and video enthusiasts. It all comes down to CONTENT, and this is what will make or break these glasses as a novelty or something you NEED to have. I’ve personally struggled with finding the right kind of content, but I see potential for reviews, creative storylines, customer reactions, and event promotions.

I bought these for the HDM team, and it will be interesting to see how each one of them use them. I’ll be writing and highlighting more on the Snapchat Spectacles, but if you want to see them in action, follow me on Snapchat @tharness. Happy Snapping.

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