I Want To Like My Business, But…

Like And ShareIt’s something we repeat over and over – LIKE AND SHARE YOUR BUSINESS’S POSTS! Easy, right? You get on Facebook, head to your site, and suddenly you’re liking and sharing AS the business instead of yourself! What? Don’t fret, we can help.

1. SEARCH your business. Yes, that drop down menu is nice, but it makes you log in as your business rather than yourself. Instead, search for your business in the bar. This will keep you logged in as yourself, not your business.

Searching for your business

2. Once you go to your business’s page, look at the post you want to like and share. Under the post, you will have an image of your business, as well as one in the comment box. This lets you know that you are interacting with the page as your business.

Finding your image

3. If you need to fix that, click on the smaller image (under the “Boost Post” button). This will provide a drop-down menu. In that menu, your name and image will appear first. Select your name.

Change the image

4. Now you can like, share, and comment on that post! You will have to redo this on other posts if you want to share more than one.

You're done!

Liking and sharing your business’s posts is essential. Sharing your content (and having other people in turn share it) increases views, which means more people are seeing your content and, therefore, your page. If you share your post, all of your friends have a chance to see it. If one or two of those friends share it, your views can grow exponentially!

If you have questions about how to grow your views on social media, contact Harness TechED! We’ll help you #TurnTheLightBulbOn for your business and grow it socially!

About Nicole Firebaugh

Nicole is a graduate of Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, with a degree in Advertising with a minor in Creative Writing. She has had experience working in retail, graphic design, photography, and newspaper writing and editing, and is grateful to have found her future career at Harness Digital Marketing. She is excited to be here to #TurnTheLightBulbOn for your business!


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