5 Last Minute Social Media Marketing Tips for the 2017 Solar Eclipse

No You Didn’t! You Really Did? It’s 1 week away and the 2017 Solar Eclipse is here. Is your Business or Organization ready to Digitally Market to it? If you are or haven’t even started, take a look at the 5 tips I give to make sure you maximize your efforts during this event. The […]

You Don’t Really Know Me

Did you just meet the real me? As I walk away from our conversation, it is quite clear that you don’t really know me. You have no clue who you are dealing with. After a business meeting, you may have at one time been me. I refer to it as “meet the parents” syndrome. Symptoms […]

Beware of the Instagram Don’ts

Do you ever wonder how some people or businesses seem to get all the attention on Instagram? Before you start to pout and claim that it’s not fair, have you ever wondered that maybe you’re going about it all wrong? It’s more than just posting a photo, slapping a filter on it, piling on the hashtags […]