Beware of the Instagram Don’ts

Do you ever wonder how some people or businesses seem to get all the attention on Instagram?

Before you start to pout and claim that it’s not fair, have you ever wondered that maybe you’re going about it all wrong? It’s more than just posting a photo, slapping a filter on it, piling on the hashtags in the caption, and calling it a day. It’s about strategy. It’s about understanding your voice and brand. Without either of those key components, you’ll be falling into the same hole over and over again, and that will get you nowhere.

If you want to grow your personal brand or business on Instagram, whether that’s selling a product/service, entertaining your followers or driving traffic back to your website, there are few don’ts you should be aware of.

  • Don’t Abuse Hashtags – Everything has a hashtag nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you need use every single one under the sun. Stay relevant with what you are posting. Make sure your hashtags include your location, trends (if it pertains to what you are posting), and other words or phrases associated to your brand.
  • Don’t Go On A Like Spree – It’s simple, don’t do it! Going in and liking a bunch of random accounts isn’t going to get you anywhere. It probably won’t even gain you followers. The more you interact with others who share a common interest with you, the more you will receive the same in return.
  • Don’t Spam – Do you like to be spammed with a million cat pictures? Then why would someone want to be spammed with whatever photos you’re posting? Be genuine about what you post and only once or twice a day. If you’re posting interesting and visual content that is good, the rest will work itself out.
  • Don’t Post Bad Photos – When it comes down to it, you want quality over quantity. Think before you snap your photo. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but you do have to consider your audience and how they will respond to what you may post. People on the Interest today are brutal. Be creative and take advantage of the editing options that Instagram has to offer.
  • Don’t Give Up! – Nothing happens overnight. Building your following organically will take time and patience. Trust me, you would much rather have people who want to engage with your content then hundreds of people who don’t. You want to build a loyal following.

If you’re looking to get started on Instagram or want to be pointed in the right direction, let us help you #TurnTheLighBulbOn.

By: Megan Tschopp | @meganjanina


About Megan Tschopp

Megan Tschopp is a Digital Media Specialist at Harness TechED. She is a graduate from Eastern Illinois University with a B.A. in Communications and Public Relations. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, she now currently resides in Southern Illinois. When she's not diving into all things social media, you can usually find her exploring new places to travel to, overseeing her sorority chapter as a Recruitment Advisor, or surfing the web for all things Disney.

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