# TurnTheLightBulbOn – Behind The Hashtag

# TurnTheLightBulbOn We all have defining chapters in our life that take us sometimes on unexpected journeys. My entire life has been filled with them. It wasn’t until I moved to Southern Illinois how much I realized someone was turning the light bulb on for me and I just wasn’t seeing it. When I enlisted […]

It’s a Red Out!

Anyone who has walked into our office on any given Friday will typically find myself and my boss (and, ideally, my co workers) wearing red. No, it’s not a fashion statement, and it’s not some kind of psychological game we’re playing. It stands for something – it is our way of showing our support for […]

Business Ownership SUCKS! I Quit

I’VE HAD IT AND I QUIT! If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you silently say this weekly, daily, maybe even hourly in your head. Business ownership can literally make your pull your hair out (In my case literally.) Clients That Don’t Listen (Check) Employees That Don’t Show Up To Work-TO WORK (Check) Business Partnerships That […]

OMG – Would You Please Just Kick Back

OMG – Would You Please Just Kick Back (Canva) #TurnTheLightBulbOn