Brand Yourself Online – Get The Job You Want

Brand Yourself Online – Get The Job You Want We have all had that dream where we are standing naked in front of an audience. The feeling of anxiety, fear, and the unknown take over. What do you do? For most of you, you wake up. For some of us, we embrace it and go […]

I’m a business owner – I do what I want!

The attitude of “I’m a business owner, and I do what I want.” is devastating to a business. Having “It’s my party” play in your head is quick way to destroy the image of your business. So why do so many business owners fall into that trap? I am getting ready to rant a little, […]

Business Ownership SUCKS! I Quit

I’VE HAD IT AND I QUIT! If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you silently say this weekly, daily, maybe even hourly in your head. Business ownership can literally make your pull your hair out (In my case literally.) Clients That Don’t Listen (Check) Employees That Don’t Show Up To Work-TO WORK (Check) Business Partnerships That […]