Brand Yourself Online – Get The Job You Want

Brand Yourself Online – Get The Job You Want

We have all had that dream where we are standing naked in front of an audience. The feeling of anxiety, fear, and the unknown take over. What do you do? For most of you, you wake up. For some of us, we embrace it and go with it.

Take Neil Patrick Harris (left) for example. He came out in front of everyone during the Oscars in just his underwear. For this reason alone, he is the epitome of Standing Outside Your Comfort Zone. For just 10 seconds, think about being in front of anyone, in just your underwear. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 That was the longest ten seconds of your life, wasn’t it? Great things happen when you push past your own boundaries. Still not sure? KEEP READING

Career hunting these days are incredibly competitive and downright cutthroat, depending on the industry you are going into. Are you being proactive or reactive in your searches? The traditional ways of sending a resume have worked for many years, but with social media you can get first dibs on your dream career.

I recently spoke to a group of SIU ISAT students during their Tech Dawgs meeting. We discussed how the business world views them and how they can use that to their advantage. The 3 points I wanted them to take away were:

1. Define your brand

2. Develop a voice

3. Be consistent with branding

View the presentation notes below.

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Tom Harness is the owner of Harness Digital Marketing, a digital marketing firm that works with businesses and organizations on Social Media, SEO, and Email Marketing. He is an entrepreneur and business owner with 20 years of combined experience in Education, IT, and Business. Tom is a U.S. Army Veteran and a Southern Illinois University alum. He also enjoys craft beers, his beloved Chicago Cubs, and his family.

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