How to Reconnect with Family this Thanksgiving

Family means everything around this time of year. We use the Thanksgiving season to reconnect with loved ones and convey how thankful we are to have them in our lives. However, due to factors like divorce, health, military deployment, and traveling conditions, some relatives won’t be present around the dinner table this year. How can […]

3 Technologies That Are Changing Real Estate

It used to be simple selling real estate (figuratively speaking). You get a listing, you put up a sign, place an ad in the paper, and then go around town networking. EASY, RIGHT? My friends in real estate might disagree, but one thing we can agree on is that technology has changed how they do […]

A Day In the Life: Digital Marketing Specialist

Ever since I began working in the digital marketing field, I realized quickly how others perceived my job. “Oh, that sounds easy. So you just sit on Facebook all day?” “What’s happening on Twitter today?” “Your job sounds SO fun!” Sure, my job is fun (to me), I could tell you what the trending hashtags […]

The Great Pyramid Scheme That Is Social Media

The Great Pyramid Scheme That Is Social Media (This Article First Appeared In Hubshout on 12/03/15) We are all familiar with Pyramid Schemes and how they make the person at the top of the pyramid a millionaire. Every day people look for opportunities to work less and earn more. What if I told you that you […]