Brand Yourself Online – Get The Job You Want

Brand Yourself Online – Get The Job You Want We have all had that dream where we are standing naked in front of an audience. The feeling of anxiety, fear, and the unknown take over. What do you do? For most of you, you wake up. For some of us, we embrace it and go […]

# TurnTheLightBulbOn – Behind The Hashtag

# TurnTheLightBulbOn We all have defining chapters in our life that take us sometimes on unexpected journeys. My entire life has been filled with them. It wasn’t until I moved to Southern Illinois how much I realized someone was turning the light bulb on for me and I just wasn’t seeing it. When I enlisted […]

Using Instagram For Business

I recently had a request asking me how Instagram can be used for business. Because I think very highly of this person (wink-wink-nod-nod), I decided to enlighten small businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations on how they can best use this social medium.  Instagram is great for novice photo and video takers to get a final product […]