The Ugly Truth About Christmas

THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS: It’s that wonderful time of year when holiday cheer is in the air. Everyone is in a hurry and trying to beat the dreaded deadline of shopping, cooking, and finding a new place for the elf on the shelf. The hustle and bustle begins in November and doesn’t stop until […]

Storytelling vs Call To Action Commercials For Small Businesses

STORYTELLING VS CALL TO ACTION COMMERCIALS If you had the opportunity to watch some┬ácommercials lately, you probably have seen two different types of commercials. One that tells a story or one that is asking you to buy something (Call To Action). As a business owner you should be aware of how video can benefit your […]

Steve Jobs and Apple Have One Foot In The Grave

Today’s epic Apple event was built on hype, anticipation for new products, and a hope for the revolution of Fanboys and Fangirls everywhere. What we are left with are reinvented concepts, a more connected society (if that’s possible), and a crap load of data that will be collected. As many of you know, I am […]