About Megan Tschopp

Megan Tschopp is a Digital Media Specialist at Harness TechED. She is a graduate from Eastern Illinois University with a B.A. in Communications and Public Relations. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, she now currently resides in Southern Illinois. When she's not diving into all things social media, you can usually find her exploring new places to travel to, overseeing her sorority chapter as a Recruitment Advisor, or surfing the web for all things Disney.

Let’s Talk Hashtags

Hashtag this, hashtag that. It seems like everyone nowadays is using hashtags. While you may be rolling your eyes at how obsessed our society has become with the use of hashtags, society is rolling their eyes at you for not joining in on the fun. How we market ourselves has evolved whether you like it or not. […]

Beware of the Instagram Don’ts

Do you ever wonder how some people or businesses seem to get all the attention on Instagram? Before you start to pout and claim that it’s not fair, have you ever wondered that maybe you’re going about it all wrong? It’s more than just posting a photo, slapping a filter on it, piling on the hashtags […]

The Power of Sharing – Sharing Is Caring

Sharing is caring. Yes, you’ve heard this phrase before but have you ever thought about it in the context the relates to social media? It seems all anyone cares about when it comes to their posts is how many likes will it receive. Sure, likes are great, but let’s take it a step further. Think back this […]

Spring Cleaning: Social Media Edition

What is it about the seasonal transition from winter to spring that sparks the cleaning bug inside of us? While most of us associate spring cleaning with our households, there are other areas in our lives that could use a deep clean as well, such as social media. It’s time to give your social presence […]