The Great Pyramid Scheme That Is Social Media

The Great Pyramid Scheme That Is Social Media (This Article First Appeared In Hubshout on 12/03/15) We are all familiar with Pyramid Schemes and how they make the person at the top of the pyramid a millionaire. Every day people look for opportunities to work less and earn more. What if I told you that you […]

Pinterest vs. Instagram

Pinterest or Instagram? That’s what marketers everywhere have been asking themselves lately when trying to figure out what platform would work best for them and their clients. While we (at Harness Digital Marketing) have been asking ourselves the same question, I finally figured it out. The long, drawn-out debate about which one is the better option […]

Just Pin It!

Pinterest. Some people may not even know what that is, and some may think that it is a website full of teen girls obsessing over hair, nails, and makeup. Interestingly enough, you would be wrong. According to a study done by Mashable, 50% of Pinterest users have children. Now, most business would never think of […]

Pinterest Is The New Google

Move aside Google. It looks like Pinterest is moving in on your territory. The digital age has brought on a lot of change of how we do things, whether it’s communicating with one another or how we market ourselves and our businesses. It’s all done digitally. How we go about searching for solutions and ideas is no […]