Pinterest Is The New Google

Move aside Google. It looks like Pinterest is moving in on your territory. The digital age has brought on a lot of change of how we do things, whether it’s communicating with one another or how we market ourselves and our businesses. It’s all done digitally. How we go about searching for solutions and ideas is no […]

It Is Not All About Facebook

When you think social media, what is the first network that comes to mind? Did you think of Facebook? You are not the only one. Facebook is the world’s largest social network. We live in a world where it is almost expected to have a profile whether it is personal one or as a business. From a business […]

Testimonial | Concealed Carry Marketplace

“Thank you Doug and we are always here for Concealed Carry Marketplace as your business grows!” I contracted with HarnessTechEd to create a new website and assist with the SEO for   Our project was completed on time and budget. Shortly after launching, our site exceeded expectations and accomplished the National reach we desired.   I […]