Testimonial | Concealed Carry Marketplace

“Thank you Doug and we are always here for Concealed Carry Marketplace as your business grows!” I contracted with HarnessTechEd to create a new website and assist with the SEO for ConcealedCarryMarketplace.com.   Our project was completed on time and budget. Shortly after launching, our site exceeded expectations and accomplished the National reach we desired.   I […]

Lessons From the Most Shared Viral Video Ads of 2013

Unruly Media tracks and ranks the videos that are most shared on social media, and I spent some time today taking a look at their list for 2013. Beyond the fact that lists like this are interesting, I wanted to see what these videos contained that made them shareable. While small businesses probably wouldn’t make the […]

Testimonial | MBI Worldwide

“Thank you Kandi Chapman and all your MBI Worldwide family for your partnership!” Tom Harness, owner of HarnessTechEd has worked in conjunction with my “in-house” marketing team this year. Tom has an amazing understanding, instinct, and talent for Social Media Marketing and has done an excellent job helping expand our marketing efforts to the social media […]

What 3 Recent Facebook Changes Mean for Social Media Marketers

Facebook has announced three changes recently that alter users’ news feeds, and I believe they’re all a move in a similar direction that indicates what users are doing on Facebook, and, ultimately what it means for businesses marketing on the site. Let’s take a quick look at the changes: Facebook has a new “Unfollow” feature […]