The Astro Turf is Always Greener

grass is always greener

The Astro Turf is always greener from this side of the fence. This point of view can be detrimental to businesses if they are always looking to move to the other side of the fence. This has become even more prevalent with the way that news is received and processed at this point in time. There always seems to be something new or something better. It is presented with big flashing lights. If businesses are wise, they will be diligent when evaluating these new options.

There are too many businesses and business people that see astro turf when they look down. Yes, it is nice and green. It never needs to be cut or fertilized. It will help to keep overhead low. But, all of those features are the problem!

There is no sense of being vested to the ground that you stand on. There is little to no time or effort put forth to take care of the ground that you stand on. There is not an opportunity for your roots to grow. In essence, your relationship is completely fake and artificial.

There will always be a new version that is greener. The will always be a new application that is easier to install. There will always be a cheaper version at a lower price point. In essence, all of these astro turf businesses are always chasing something. There is no sense of loyalty as a business continues to move on to the next thing time after time. Once they stop, if they stop to turn around, they will most likely be unable to see where they started.

I am not recommending that a business stand still or become stagnant. You have to move forward. You have to progress. But it is also a good idea to dig the soil around you and plant your roots deep. They will hold you strong through the wind and the rain. They will allow you to grow strong and sturdy. Eventually, your branches will spread out so far that your fruit will fall upon all of those other plots of astro turf without chasing a single one.

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