It’s My Super Civic Duty.

My Civic Duty.Civic Duty Pride

“It’s my super civic duty.” This is something that you may have heard, or will hear in your lifetime. There are those individuals who seem like they devote nearly all of their time back to the community. You may not understand why they do it, or how they have time for it. But rest assured, if there is some way to volunteer time you will see that individual there!

It may just be worth your time to speak to this individual the next time you see them giving of their time. They are out there to make your community better. You may have more in common than you think. Walk up and ask them a simple question. “Why do you volunteer your time?” You may be quite surprised by their answer. While civic duty has a different meaning and purpose for everyone, it is really about what it could mean for you.

Some individuals may simply have a lot of free time on their hands. There are members of the community that feel obligated to volunteer based on the job they perform. Many volunteers may feel a sense of duty based on organizational involvement. Of course, there are those individuals that simply feel a sense of pride while striving to make their community better.

Value to You or Your Business?

I have never understood why people are unwilling to devote time for civic duty. Giving of your time is good for you, good for your community, and good for your business.

There is a feeling of pride and accomplishment after you volunteer your time. As a result, performing civic duties has a strange and profound effect on your level of happiness. Looking back at a clean road after picking up trash and feeling satisfied with a job well done. The happy tingle in your ears after you hear the jingle of change from all of the money you collected for a local organization. Maybe your heart wells up when you see the smiles from a sea of children as you witness the parade of athletes during the Special Olympics? You may take pride in working with your hands and build a new home with Habitat for Humanity?

If you don’t believe me, than I dare you to try it. You don’t have to devote your entire summer, or a whole weekend to a cause. Just commit to giving back for a couple of hours and see how much pride you have as you finish your civic duty.

Individuals are able to gain so much from simply giving your time back to the community. Helping your community, receiving a positive feeling inside, and branding your business by giving back. Now that is the perfect combination of super civic duty.

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