Pinterest: The Underdog of Social Media Marketing

When people think about incorporating social media into their marketing package, the first sites that come to mind are Facebook and Twitter.

As a digital media specialist, I can tell you that Facebook is very popular amongst business owners because it’s the most familiar. However, you could be missing out on one very important marketing opportunity!

Pinterest is considered to be a true underdog when it comes to promoting your business. What? Thought Pinterest was only good for personal use? There is much more to this particular platform than just delicious recipes and homemade craft ideas.

You can set up a business Pinterest account

Rule number one of Pinterest marketing: Treat this account like you would Facebook. You wouldn’t want to set up a personal Facebook page for your business, so what makes Pinterest any different?

When you set up a business account, you can add your business information like your website, location, and a brief description of what your business can bring to the table.

Track and engage with people who visit your account

Once your business account has been made, you now have access to features, like analytics and ads, that can help you promote your business brand.

The analytics feature allows you to act like a private investigator. Like Facebook, Pinterest analytics allow you to track how many impressions your account is getting, who is looking at your account, how many click throughs you are getting to your website, etc. This will allow you to better market toward the target audience who has taken an interest in your product or service.

The ad feature allows you to create customized ads that will market your products or increase your brand on a much larger scale. Unlike Facebook ads that feel somewhat intrusive and disrupt a person’s timeline, Pinterest ads look and feel more natural. These ads can reach people that actually want to see them instead of them being forced upon your potential customer.

Create boards the fit your business

When you create a personal Pinterest page, you create boards that are specific to your interests. When you create a business page, your business takes on a personality all it’s own. For instance, if you are a real estate agency, you would obviously post your current listings, agent bios, and personal images from the office. Now, it’s time to put yourself into the minds of people who are looking to buy or sell their home. Some key boards would be aspects of buying and selling their home moving tips, home decor ideas, motivational words to get them through this stressful time, and possibly seasonal boards for decor or home maintenance.

These boards can be quickly related to your specific target market and can be saved for a later date. You have now made a connection with someone who agrees with what you’ve pinned.

Increase your brand awareness by connecting your website and phone number

This particular aspect can be accomplished in two ways. The first option is to create pins that are directly linked to your website. This means when someone clicks a picture of your product or service, it will create an automatic click through to your website which results in more eyes on your website.

The second option is to create a personalize footer for the pins that relate to your business. These footers normally include your business name, phone number, and website. Again, this results into more connections created and more exposure for your phone number and website.

Like stated earlier, Pinterest is a true underdog in regards to business marketing. However, if used correctly, this particular platform could be a gateway to targeting and making connections on not only a local level but potentially a national or global level as well.

Lynsey Hentrich | Twitter: LynseyH94 | Instagram: lynsey_hentrich94 |


  1. Don’t sleep on Pinterest! It’s a visual powerhouse for driving traffic and brand awareness. Easy to underestimate, but a hidden gem for marketers.


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  2. […] its reputation as the underdog of the social media world, Pinterest outranks Twitter, Snapchat and Linkedin in popularity, […]

  3. […] its reputation as the underdog of the social media world, Pinterest outranks Twitter, Snapchat and Linkedin in popularity, […]

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