I am smarter than you

HeadI am smarter than you. Not because I have a better education than you. Not because I have a better job than you. Not because I have more training than you. I am smarter than you because I am more than happy to use experts for help and service.

So many times a business will try to do too much. Now, I am not discounting the value of being able to multitask. Whether you are an entrepreneur where that is a necessary skill or you are an entry level employee trying to learn new tasks for a promotion, being able to multitask is very important. Where you can get into hot water is when you attempt to focus on and multitask in the wrong areas. A small business owner that also does their own filing = good multitask. A small business owner that also tries to repair an electrical outlet = doing too much!

Knowing your limitations is one of the most undervalued skills in the business community. It will protect you from making silly or detrimental mistakes. It gives you boundaries to let you know where you may have room to improve your skill set. It should be a clear signal to let you know that it is time to seek help from a specialist.

I run into this situation frequently in my industry of social media marketing. There are a lot of businesses out there that are under the impression that they are smarter than everyone else, and don’t need someone that specializes in the digital marketing world. Here is a simple example to put this into perspective: I can put on a glove, grab a ball, go outside and have a game of “catch” with a friend. This does not mean that I am automatically a major league pitcher. So, when you have a personal Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest page, it does not automatically mean that you know how to properly market and brand your business online.

So, just some friendly advice from me to you – don’t be afraid to pull over and ask for directions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are unsure of which side of the bread you are supposed to butter. And above all, don’t be afraid to look into hiring a professional to properly market your business online. Admitting your limitations does not mean that you are less valuable. It simply means that you are smarter than your average bear.

Matt Carnaghi | @carnaghimd1

About Matt Carnaghi

I am the Director of Business Development for Harness Digital Marketing. Previously I have had years of experience working with businesses in the financial industry. I have a strong desire to help promote and grow small local businesses. I participate in multiple civic organizations to support my local community as much as I can. As a hobby I enjoy all aspects of the fitness industry. I also, enjoy coming up with ideas for patent-ability to make things more efficient and effective for society.

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