A To Z of Employer Branding and Recruiting

A To Z of Employer Branding and Recruiting

A To Z of Employer Branding and Recruiting

Recruiting for your business can be incredibly time-consuming. Why not work smarter, than harder? In the world of social media, we have access to an unlimited supply of potential employees. I partnered with Erin Kopec of HireLevel to discuss how employers can use social media to help brand their company culture and recruit people to their team.

Recruiting has had traditional methods for many years: Job Fairs, Newspapers, & Word of Mouth. Today, we can see and know what people are looking for in a job and how they might fit into your company culture. It has been my observation that many small businesses and companies are underutilizing their social media presence as a way to attract new and potential hires. There are many ways to look at your business’s online presence as a recruiting tool and not just some fad. Take it from me, when you build a company culture online, people reach out to you because they WANT to work with you.

“B” is for Behavior

The BRANDING element of behavior is looking at how your company culture is viewed online. What you post on your social platforms allows potential employees to see what the expectations might be like while working there. If your business is perceived as being fun all the time, but in reality, you work hard and play hard, that sends the wrong message to the type of employees you want working for you.

“K” is for Kill Them With Kindness

Great leaders model the examples for which he/she wants from their team and employees. What are you posting on LinkedIN that shows the type of person you want working for your business? People want to work in a positive environment and make a difference where they work. They want to see what the HEART of the business is.

“U” is for Unique

What makes your business unique and special? People want to work for businesses and organizations that stand for something. When you scroll through your businesses social media, what stands out as making it a place someone would want to work at? There are many HR companies, but why work at one over the other?

Take a look at our slideshow or watch the webinar below for all the A to Z examples.


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