Hashtag 101: What are they, and why do we need ’em?

If you use social media, you have seen a hashtag. No, scratch that. In 2014, if you watch TV, or read magazines or attend conferences, you’ve seen a hashtag. But I still have folks ask me all the time what a hashtag is, why they exist, and why in the world you would want to use […]

What 3 Recent Facebook Changes Mean for Social Media Marketers

Facebook has announced three changes recently that alter users’ news feeds, and I believe they’re all a move in a similar direction that indicates what users are doing on Facebook, and, ultimately what it means for businesses marketing on the site. Let’s take a quick look at the changes: Facebook has a new “Unfollow” feature […]

Why Every Small Business Owner Needs to be on Facebook

I can already hear some of you grumbling. In fact, I guess I’m lucky you’ve even clicked the title of this post. Maybe you have embraced the Internet age. As technology changed your business, perhaps you were an early adopter of the new stuff. I’ll bet you even know that your business needs a Facebook […]