Social Media in Schools

Social media and education have never gone hand-in-hand. That much is clear. But, have teachers, administrators, parents, and even students ever considered what bringing social media into the classroom could do? Social media is an amazing tool, one that people of all ages use to communicate and keep in touch with the world around them. […]

Does Learning Ever End?

A question I asked myself multiple times throughout the education process was, “Is this really going to help me in a future career?” It was one part forward-thinking, two parts being burnt out on going to school. The lessons that college taught me were not all what I expected them to be, but that doesn’t mean […]

Are Finals and Social Media a Deadly Duo?

In the year 2015, you would think that the world would have come to realize that torturing their future doctors, lawyers, and McDonalds workers (AKA Highschoolers) by forcing them to sit at a desk for 8 hours every day would be torture enough. But, no. They test us about everything we’ve ever learned during the […]