From Inside My Own Prison

Own PYour Prison is Your Own Creation

From inside my own prison, I can see the rest of the world passing me by. I maintain my grip and watch as everyone is moving in a different direction away from me. I hold onto my bars as if they are preventing me from moving forward, but in all honesty I am holding on as to not become lost in the vast space around me.

The type of prison you are confined to depends on the kind of person you are. There are some individuals that choose to walk that path alone, regardless of a map or a direction. Many people have a pack mentality, and do not feel comfortable unless they are being held by the hand. Then there is a group that I fall into. I am not sure if it is a common category, but it is where I belong.

For myself and many others we are always searching for a path. I have the need to run, but I need a paved road. I have a level of rebelliousness that thrives on freedom and the ability to be unrestrained. It is a requirement in sales that allows me to improvise on the fly and gives me flexibility in the business world.

At the same time I need a strong sense of direction given to me from an external source. I am a natural competitor and thrive in an environment that has goals or levels set for me to achieve. I am very critical of myself and therefore not the best qualified to set a standard to receive optimal results.

One of the most important and effective things that you can do as a business professional is to understand what you are. To look at the man… or woman in the mirror and evaluate yourself. This can be an extremely beneficial factor when it comes to your success in the professional world.

How to Make Your Prison Work for You

There are some free spirits that thrive in an environment where they have unlimited boundaries. Individuals that work from home, and multitask, and maintain a high level of productivity. Conversely you have drones of people that are able to work in factory settings. Churning out product one after the other in a very effective and efficient manner. Then there is a category that requires freedom of the open pasture with the confinement of specific goals.

There is not one that is necessarily better than the other. Like most things in life and in business it is about understanding yourself and your environment. Using the tools around you so you don’t feel like you are inside of your own prison. You may trudge along feeling lost, confined, or uncomfortable if you don’t know what you need to be successful.

So, I could continue my days struggling to keep my grip on my own prison bars or I can understand what I need and turn that into a strength. I don’t feel that it is a detriment that I don’t fit into someone’s idea of what I “should” do or how I “should” work. My true nature is that of a thoroughbred horse. I have the freedom of the track, but I have my blinders on. My target and a goal are now my only concerns. I push and drive and fight you all the way to achieve what is in front of me.

Be understanding of yourself. Business is always in a fluid state. Let go of your prison bars and learn how to swim.


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