How to Spread Christmas Cheer on Social Media

Oh, the holidays. A week ago, we stuffed ourselves with turkey and pumpkin pie, while expressing gratitude for family, friends, and the sheer fact that pie exists. As soon as the food settled, the excitement for Christmas immediately began.

With the excitement of gift giving, it’s a no brainer that this season is a lucrative one for businesses. However, your social media strategy during this month requires more than just posting your products, advertising your deals, and saying “Merry Christmas!”

Truly capture the spirit of the season, and you’ll not only excite customers during the holidays, but also into the new year. Try the following ideas to inspire and build relationships even after Santa calls it a night on the 25th.

Cookies, Wish Lists, and Movies… Oh, My!

This time of year can evoke precious, nostalgic memories for many people. Touch a sentimental chord with your
customers by asking engaging questions, including:christmas-cookies-553457

  • What’s your favorite Christmas cookie to bake/eat/leave out for Santa? 
  • Share your favorite Christmas cookie recipe with us below! Get ideas from others by checking back to this post!
  • What’s on your wish list this Christmas? 
  • What is/was your favorite Christmas movie to watch/growing up?
  • Favorite quote from a Christmas movie? List it below! 

Who doesn’t love talking about cookies they love to eat, items on their wish list, and movies they grew up loving? You could even tie these questions in with a giveaway. For example, design a contest where people share their favorite Christmas cookie recipe, and one winner is randomly chosen to win a gift card. This not only increases engagement and impressions for your page, but it also adds some generosity to your social media strategy.

Which brings me to my next point…


Show Your Business’s Heart

Here in Southern Illinois, I am in awe at the heart and passion that some of our local business owners put into causes that mean so much to them. Their genuine enthusiasm for raising awareness and getting people involved is amazing.
Business owners can of course get involved in charities and raise awareness for causes year round. However, tying in the holiday season with something that means a lot to you, is a great way to get your customers inspired to make an impact.

Case in point: Tom Harness’s Ugly Christmas Suit fundraiser for the Promise Mission.

Now, before you get scared, you don’t have to go around wearing a crazy suit. Choose a cause that is close to your heart, share your story, and ask your followers to get involved in a creative, festive way.

Have a Little Fun

The Christmas season offers brands an opportunity to have a lot of fun with their social media. Get creative this holiday season, and you’ll be sure to spread cheer that goes viral.

Team up with a complimentary business and offer a bundle giveaway or promotion. Add some festive graphics to your cover photos and profile images. Share relevant, holiday-related content that ties to your business (a nutritionist could share healthier Christmas cookie recipes, a  hair salon can give holiday party hairstyle ideas, etc.). Get involved in community Christmas events and utilize Snapchat geofilters.

And don’t forget to bring the Christmas cheer into your business’s physical location, too! 😉


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