4 Tips on Hiring Shitty Employees


4 Tips on Hiring Shitty Employees

Like most business owners, I wear many hats at Harness Digital Marketing (HR, Sales, PR, Marketing, Auditor, Compliance, Editor, Motivator, Psychologist…). A couple of things that take up most of my time are Finance and Hiring. There’s a reason people have departments and other people to help them with these two areas, and it mostly comes back to TIME. If you want to do something right, it takes TIME.

I’ve been pretty blessed with hiring great people, and every time that I have had to hire, I’ve turned it into an OPPORTUNITY. That being said, I still hear from my fellow business owners, friends, colleagues, educators, and just about anyone that they can’t find GREAT EMPLOYEES to hire. So to help everyone out, here are iTom’s 5 Tips on Hiring Shitty Employees (A direct quote from many people I know).


Top 4 Tips On Hiring Shitty Employees

Hire The Same People Over And Over

If you drink water from the same water fountain and get sick every time what would you do? You would go drink somewhere else. If you find yourself dealing with the same situations and reasons people are leaving you, then DO something about it. Businesses and owners that constantly complain about not having any options aren’t always looking outside the box. Get outside feedback on your team and possibly look at other areas that can give you a better pool of people to choose from.

Make Sure To Hire Employees, Not Team Members

I learned this while serving in the Army. We were a team, not individuals with individual assignments. We needed to know the person’s job above and below us in order to be successful. In times of stress (and let’s be honest, we are bound to have that), we need to rely on others to help us through it. Having a team allows for everyone to own mistakes, but more importantly, provide SOLUTIONS. It always takes a village. My team knows that I hate the term “boss” and “employees.”

Never Let Them Go

During your interview process have an open and honest discussion about goals (their goals and the company’s goals). Help them achieve their goals and ask them to help you achieve yours. When you stifle your team, they produce less and the only thing on their mind is “when does 5:00 PM get here.” Your company culture needs to be one where EVERYONE wants to WANT to come to work. Making your team “feel” that they can’t grow or be more than what they can be is NOT a leader and will create a culture of employees and not team members.

Only Hire Long-Term Team Members

If you think it’s all about the team member leaving, YOU ARE WRONG. A consistent pattern of turnover is a direct reflection of LEADERSHIP. This is why the exit interview is so important. Not all small business owners can address the concerns brought up (money, benefits, etc…), but it lets you know what you need to do to address these concerns with future team members. There’s a saying that you meet the people you need at the right times. We all want that amazing team member that is with us forever, but that’s not realistic (we dream and wish for it). Bringing team members in that get you from point A to point B can be just as valuable to you.

No matter how many people I have work for me at Harness Digital Marketing, each and EVERY ONE of them took our business to the next level. Sometimes that’s all it is really about. Finding the right people at the right time. It may not seem that way at the time, but when you reflect on it, you will see it’s all in the master plan. Remember to be Proactive and not Reactive. A lesson I work towards everyday.

Now Go Build Your Team! #TurnTheLightBulbOn

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Tom Harness is the owner of Harness Digital Marketing, a digital marketing firm that works with businesses and organizations on Social Media, SEO, and Email Marketing. He is an entrepreneur and business owner with 20 years of combined experience in Education, IT, and Business. Tom is a U.S. Army Veteran and a Southern Illinois University alum. He also enjoys craft beers, his beloved Chicago Cubs, and his family.


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    A question I think most owners ask and finding great employees is something hard to find. However when you do it makes a world of difference. A service that our business offers to employers is to help with the financial side of things like payroll, business planning, financial planning and bookkeeping. If you need help, let me know by emailing me at shalisha.wood@hrblock.com.

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