Surviving the Storm through Social Media

Lightning strikes, skies darken, storms roll in and disasters can happen in the blink of an eye.

Within a split second, families can be ripped apart and homes destroyed. When natural disasters hit, social media can become a crucial element to provide relief to those affected and to reconnect with loved ones.

Why, do you ask, would anyone even think about posting to platforms like Facebook during a time like this? The answer contains three core elements, according to Amy Sample Ward of NTEN.


The storm has settled, but that doesn’t mean that one has an unlimited amount of time to make phone calls to family and friends, along with assessing the damages to your surroundings. Through means of social media, the chances of reaching a bigger amount of people in one post is far greater that calling everyone before your phone dies.


In the day and age that we live in, when a major event happens, it’s almost an instinct to pull out your phone and post to your favorite social media platform. We love to know that we are not alone and if we needed help our family or community would act accordingly.


The power that social media has on bringing relief to those affected by disasters is incredible. The posts that we make can be viewed by business owners, news stations, and other organizations that can provide relief.

A specific example is the Haiti earthquakes in 2010. Within hours of the earthquakes, the American Red Cross set up a fundraising mechanism and was able to raise $8 million for relief efforts.

What can your business do to help on social media?

In Southern Illinois, Tuesday, February 28th, 2017, hit a little too close to home. Lines of severe storms and tornados rocked communities and destroyed ways of living in a split second. Granted, we aren’t the American Red Cross; however, as a business we can make a difference in the relief efforts.

One way to give back is through your services. Promote that with every purchase of a certain item, so much will be given back to the communities in need. You could also pair up with a local disaster relief organization to ensure that the money goes and is distributed to where it needs to.

Finally, showing your support in general can go a long way. Make a post on your business’s accounts saying that your thoughts are with everyone who has been affected.

Natural disasters are unpredictable. However, it’s how we act when they do is what makes a world of difference.

Lynsey Hentrich | Twitter: LynseyH94 | Instagram: lynsey_hentrich94

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