Instagram Locations: Say Whaaa?



With the most recent update of the beloved Instagram app, the creators did something that most users hated. You can no longer create a custom location as an extra “caption” as most Instagram-savvy users used it as. I being one of them. 

As you can see, it just added a little…flair, I guess you could say, to the Instagram post. But, the more I thought about it, Instagram probably didn’t do this to torture teenage girls, they did it, not only to help themselves, but to help businesses. Because along with this update, came a new feature, locations were now searchable. Businesses have yet to realize how lucky they are that Instagram has done that because now, when posting an image to their page, not only can they use their company hashtag (shameless plug of #TurnTheLightBulbOn), but you can insert your SEARCHABLE location.

For example, when searching “Harness Digital Marketing” on the Instagram app, you are shown the exact location of the office and all Instagram images that have been taken at the HDM office. So, we are able to see what people are sharing about our business. This, despite my personal feelings about the removing of custom locations, was genius on Instagram’s part. Can you imagine searching through the thousands of locations titled “senioritis,” or “tgif” when all you really wanted to see was images pertaining to your area? There would be thousands, and it would take hours (if you were that persistent).

So, how does all of this really affect you and your business? Well, for starters, if your business doesn’t have an Instagram, you need to make an account now. And I mean now, go make an Instagram and then come back and read the rest of this blog. Still here? Alright, I guess that’s fine. But, seriously, go make an account when you’re done. The reach that you’ll get from posting on Instagram is unimaginable and the demographic you’ll reach is different than any other social media platform. Another plus to locations now being searchable: it’s easier to find content (that other people provide) for your other social media pages. People love hearing about and seeing other people, so with this making it easier to pull from Instagram, you’ll be one step ahead of the game. If you do have an Instagram for your business, then you’re on the right track. But, if you aren’t using this new location update, you need to start now.

You can search anything that has to do with your business and have it pulled up for you immediately based on nothing more than location, not similar words like Twitter and Facebook, the solidarity of location. That is the most business-oriented move that a social media platform has ever come up with.

So, you’ve got that Instagram app pulled up right? Go to your account, post a picture, add your company’s location, and #TurnTheLightBulbOn for your business’s future.

By: Harley Crawshaw | @harley_crawshaw |

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Tom Harness is the owner of Harness Digital Marketing, a digital marketing firm that works with businesses and organizations on Social Media, SEO, and Email Marketing. He is an entrepreneur and business owner with 20 years of combined experience in Education, IT, and Business. Tom is a U.S. Army Veteran and a Southern Illinois University alum. He also enjoys craft beers, his beloved Chicago Cubs, and his family.

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