How To Spot Fake News

At one point or another we have all fallen for the oldest trick in the book, something seems like a great deal, and sure enough, we start to spot the fake news. You all know how the saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

When hiring a digital marketing company the saying keeps true. You need to keep a close eye on detail, just as if you were buying an expensive designer handbag. From far away you can’t tell the difference, it is only once you have invested in it that you start to see the flaws aka fake news.

Basic Function

The same way a purse is supposed to carry your stuff, a digital company is supposed to make a digital footprint on your behalf. They technically do, do the function of their existence. But the fake news starts to show up in the execution. It is the execution and the attention to fine details that make the difference between a professional Digital Marketing company and an amateur company. The same difference between a Coach purse and knock -off.fake-news-harness-digital-marketing


One of the three most important concepts in the digital world is consistency. Perhaps you were wooed by the idea that this digital company was going to write original content for you 5 times a week. The same as the knock-off purse wooed you to think that you could have luxury without having to pay for it.

But soon you’ll start to see that those 5 post a week, end up showing up on Friday at 5:00, 5:01, 5:02, 5:03 pm and that fifth post just seem to have never made it to the party. Just like the purse seems to have a designer name, quality leather, and fine stitching. You start to notice those “C’s” don’t match-up.

Fine Details

It is the little things that set apart a trustworthy, professional, and experienced Digital Company from the rest. A luxury handbag is set apart from the rest because of the attention to details. For example the inner lining, zipper and metal accents, and the way it lays on one’s shoulder. The same goes for the Digital Company you choose. It must have a strong business foundation, not just a shiny outer coat. It must be open to new ideas and the assets your business is bringing, and last but not least it has to be built to carry out the promises they made.

bag-fake-news-harness-digital-marketingDon’t just try a digital marketing company for size or style. Careful research will prevent you from asking, “Does this handbag make my business look good?”







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