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Lynsey Hentrich

Lynsey Hentrich is a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist for Harness Digital Marketing, a local company that specializes in social media marketing, SEO, and email marketing.

Graduating with a degree in Advertising, Lynsey realizes how important it is to build connections with people in the Southern Illinois area. In college, Lynsey was a proud member of the Saluki Shakers Dance Team at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Understanding that she had to positively represent the university and the community, Lynsey chose to network through various booster events, football games, basketball games, and fundraisers while on the team. She also wanted to become a positive role model for young girls in the area by participating in Shaker dance clinics and competitions. “It’s truly eye opening when a young girl wants to be just like you.” Lynsey says.

In 2016, Lynsey was nominated by her teammates for her hard work and dedication by receiving the following awards: “Most Spirited”, “Most Dependable “, and “Leadership”. 

Outside of her college dance career, Lynsey continues her love for dance and works to improve her customer service skills by being a dance teacher at Snow Power Unlimited in Herrin, Illinois. Being a dance teacher has taught her how to handle tough situations, organizations skills, but most importantly to be a positive figure in her student’s lives.

In her spare time, you can find Lynsey traveling, trying new recipes, improving her photography skills, and making memories with her family and friends.


Lynsey has worked with business owners in the Southern Illinois area on how to better their marketing strategies through means of social media.

Lynsey is ready to answer any of your digital media questions:

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