Don’t Break Your Brand By Colleen Frease


Don’t Break Your Brand

Simon and Susie Q were having sex in the janitor’s closet last night.

Okay, not really, but what if someone told you they did? And what if you decided to comment or share it with someone else? This news that these two-people hooked up is just so wild you must share it. Except what if those tainted words fall upon a potential customers ear? The double-edged sword of speech allows each conversation to display to clients how good, or bad, your brand is.

People talk to each other and what they are saying about who they trust helps decide where they will spend their dimes and dollars. When people see you, hear you, and interact with you they also interact with your brand. Personal identity makes a brand come alive when customers hear things from friends, family, and others in the community. That’s great if they are saying good things. But what happens if the coin is flipped and people hear you talking about Simon’s latest sex shenanigans?

You just broke your brand.

Your brand is your mark upon the world. It’s your special sculpture carved from marble that is your work of art to put on display for all to see. When you are around people it is their chance to get to know the artist. If they love you as a person, it is a chance to get them to fall in love with your brand. If you choose to gossip, it’s a shit stain on your masterpiece.

People want to know that they are working with someone worth investing in. Every friendship and relationship with others is a chance to get someone invested in what you do. There is no one sure way to get it right, but gossiping is one sure way to get it wrong.

It’s easy to think on the weekend out having fun that you’re off the clock. It’s easy to start laughing with friends and making jokes about the latest talk of the town. It’s easy to forget that someone might base how good your business is from one conversation on a Friday night at the bar. It’s easy to start laughing and joining in on how nuts it is that Simon slammed Susie Q.

You just broke your brand.

No matter what time of day it is, you are on the clock representing your brand to clients. Gossiping about Simon and Susie Q for any reason sends a message that you aren’t trust worthy. It might make a customer wonder if you are going to talk about them behind their backs. Other people won’t know the backstory if you’re talking about someone else. What they will know is you were discussing someone else, and no matter the reason, it may make them think twice about doing business with you as a result.

So next time you hear someone talking about Simon and Susie Q, smile and tell those nosy busybodies you have work to do.








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