About Ana Perez

Ana Perez is a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Harness Digital Marketing, a digital marketing firm that has worked with over 50 businesses and organizations on Social Media, SEO, and Email Marketing.

Ana is a long time resident of Carbondale, IL and Graduated Cum Laude from SIUC with an Advertising degree in May of 2017. During her time at SIU Ana was the Advertising manager for SIU’s student-run newspaper The Daily Egyptian. In 2017 Ana was the recipient of The Daily Egyptians Outstanding Advertiser award.

She started her work in Digital Marketing with the Illinois Broadcasters Association where she interned. During her time with IBA, she grew their Facebook following and created an Instagram and Snapchat account for the association.

Graphic design is something Ana has always been interested in and currently dabbles with it by creating Snapchat filters for special events.

Outside of her work with Digital Marketing Ana works at a local car dealership where she has been for over three years.

Ana is bilingual, she grew up speaking Spanish at home and still uses it every day at home.



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